CIA Global Jihad Project

Before the CIA entered the summer of 2018 ‘‘ led by the World Uighur Congress (DUK) to launch Global Jihad. The foundations were laid months ago, note the mobility after March 15th.

The CIA and FETÖ’s epicenter will be Kyrgyzstan in the center of Central Asia, the fortress of FETO. It will start in Kyrgyzstan ’İ CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad will be launched at the beginning of the World Uighur Congress by calling for the freedom of the Uighur Turks under the occupation of China.

CIA, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan by launching bombing activities in the Central Asian republics to unite again, and aims to make hatred and enmity between them.

CIA’s 2018 one of the biggest targets of the global jihad Turkey game.

Collecting the Turkish republic under the leadership of Turkey in the last 15 years and joined the CIA, fearing the rise of the Ottomans chose to stand up again so central Kyrgyzstan as a base.

Studies were initiated months ago for the CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Project, which was set up and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the foundation of the CIA. (CIA Foundation NED and DUK Relationship See-1)

With this project, the CIA will move the pro-jihadist jihadists in Syria to Central Asia and open space for the US and its pro-PKK / YPG in Syria.

CIA and FETÖ, the vice president of the World Uyghur Congress Seyit Tümtürk by connecting with Syria with the hand of large and small communities in Syria, tricked into Central Asia.

Management to be transferred to ISIS

The jihadists who are unaware of everything the CIA has deceived through Seyit Tümtürk will go to Kyrgyzstan from Syria. Seyit Tumturk has gathered around this group from Syria with the so-called scholars and drops (Nizam Damollam, Abdul Kayyum, Küsen Ustaz, Osman Batur, Abdullah Karihacim and the Union of East Turkestan Scholars) are setting up the “Armed Forces of East Turkestan”. The group gathered around Seyit Tümtürk again with the dissolution of ISIS and then went to Kyrgyzstan to join the group coming from Syria and these ISIDs were brought to ISID and the management was completely transferred to ISIS. Following the transfer of the administration to ISIS, ISIS in Iraq has been included in this structure and strengthened by the inclusion of large and small CIA leadership in the states in Central Asia and these states will be included in the scenario.

The CIA pin will leave the bomb to Kyrgyzstan under the leadership of the World Uighur Congress. East Turkestan in Kyrgyzstan Borders, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, the Turkish states will paint the blood.

CIA will hit 12 countries and structures with one stone in 2018.

CIA, pull the Central Asia to the pin will leave the 2018 Global Jihad game 1-Turkey 2-Kyrgyzstan 3-Kazakhstan 4-Uzbekistan 5-Tajikistan 6-East Turkistan 7-China 8-Afghanistan 9-Pakistani 10-Syrian 11-Global Jihad Pro-Mujahideen 12-ISID

World Uyghur Congress by action in 10 different states, including Turkey on 15 March, appears to be the first step for this project.

The World Uyghur Congress, led by the CIA, will hold a protest in 10 different countries simultaneously on March 15th. According to the statement made by the World Uyghur Congress USA, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, protests will be held in Australia and Canada. (See – 2)

Demonstrating that there will be only women and children in the demonstrations consists entirely of CIA politics. As it is known, there is no force of the World Uighur Congress in these countries. Their protest in these countries for more than 10 years is carried out with the participation of a handful and undersized. He organizes these protests by bringing the idealists and nationalists from other countries.

CIA and the World Uyghur Congress, they want to drive Muslims in Kyrgyzstan aims to collect from the target countries, Turkey and Syria.

World Uyghur Congress in the CIA-led organization in Turkey to prepare the ground for the CIA-feto project we are going to the army, Afrin Get us in, Conscience convoy as by signing mediatic project their homeland thanks to increased Muslims invitation of fake mullah for jihad in Allah’s way from East Turkestan astonished by deflecting It will be included in the CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Project by using American politics.

EVIDENCE VIDEOS: World Uyghur Congress 6th General Assembly – GERMANY: CIA and 19 countries are organizing the conference:

World Uyghur Congress-the-WUC

World Uighur Congress and CIA Foundation National Endowment Democracy (Ned)

DUK and Turkish Enemy German Green Party


The CIA is planning to bloody the summer of 2018 by launching the global jihad movement in Central Asia under the leadership of the World Uighur Congress. Merkezi Kyrgyzstan is the center of the C Global Jihad Movement inde in the center of Central Asian states.

Uyg CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Project ’will be announced and the summer of 2018 will be bloody in Central Asian countries.

 ’The CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Project’ is headed by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) foundation in the USA. The NED foundation is being presented to the world as a project to support the freedoms set up by the so-called America.

The NED foundation, in which the United States allocates a budget of $ 650 billion annually, has two separate tasks. America to become a superpower of its own rival in the Russian and Chinese states into the war by breaking their power, to intervene, to divide and divide.

The second task is to prevent the unification of the Turkish States by bringing corruption, enmity, hatred and hatred between them. America anxious and afraid of Turkey’s unstoppable rise to the leadership of the collection Ottoman Turkey.

Founded by the CIA, the foundation for the promotion of freedom in the world, namely the NED, supports the freedom of the Chechens in the Russian Federation and the Uighur Turks of East Turkestan in the People’s Republic of China, and sets out a budget of 650 billion dollars annually for Chechens and Uighur Turks.

The CIA created a structure in Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Norway, led by France, England, Switzerland and Germany, and the so-called Uyg World Uighur adına. Congress (DUK) ” put. These states organize and organize all the meetings, conferences and panels, marches and protests of the World Uyghur Congress. In these meetings, the World Uighur Congress is a puppet and puppet managers Rabia Kadir, Seyit Tümtürk, Dolkun İsa and others approve and explain the decisions taken by these states and thus bring the Uighur Turks to this Uighur rulers to assume that the Uighur congress is their own Uighur congress. (See DUK 6.General Council and the participating countries)

When you examine the Russian Federation, Chechens are the most appropriate ethnicity to divide and break the power of Russia. The most suitable tribe to break the power of the People’s Republic of China to break with the war is the Uighur Turks. Turkey’s approximately 2.5 times the size of the territory of East Turkistan was occupied by the Chinese and the Uighur Turks are finding the estimated population of 40 million.

The only reason the Uighur Turks and Chechens are not able to come together is the games of the NED foundation on the Chechens and the Uighurs, which the CIA established and allocated an annual budget of 650 billion dollars. By buying this money and the hypocrites in them, it has brought the Chechens and Uighur Turks to each other up to this day and still does.

The hypocrites that Chechens and Uighur Turks can put on a leash and subjugated under it, the world perest infidels he bought with money, the Chechens and the Uighur Turks who have been trying to attract the idiots who cannot understand the CIA politics to their ranks. could not come together and could not form a remarkable force.

The CIA foundation established by the CIA is apparently being launched as a project to promote freedom in the world. England, Germany, France and Switzerland are located in the sub-frame of the building where the CIA is located. It is supported by the CIA, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Belgium and Norway. When you look at the organizations organized by the World Uyghur Congress, you will see that these states participate as speakers, and when you look at the demands of freedom by waving the so-called flags on the streets, conferences, panels and even the Uighur Turks mix themselves.

These countries, which support the CIA, also come together with the World Uyghur Congress, the United Nations, the Liberal International and the European Parliament. The World Uighur Congress is the puppet here. The neck of the CIA is fitted to the neck. It acts within the orders and orders of the CIA.

Opposite structures are gathered under the roof of the CIA. For example, this is the so-called World Uighur Congress, which is in close contact with Germany, a Great Enemy of the Turks and the enemy of Muslims. (See video above)

Turkey’s President’s not even allowed to speak at a meeting in Germany so-called Uighurs Uighurs under the friendship name has opened its arms to Turkey and Germany in forming a multi-site, being able to show the World Uyghur Congress in the street can organize conferences and panels. Why and how the Uighur Turks cannot see this game of German and Turkish enemies of Islam?

The German Green Party, which is also a great enemy of Turks and Muslims in Germany, has very easily participated in the meetings of the World Uighur Congress and also has the task of organizing the Uighurs’ meetings. What will be discussed in the organization, who will be invited, what decision will be made? In Germany, the Green Party organizes and manages its organizations.

Why do the Uighur Turks insist on not questioning them and not seeing this game?

Why and how the Uighur Turks cannot see this game of the Uighur Congress despite the fact that America’s number one enemy of Islam and Turks is painted with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims? Why can’t your center in America ask the question?

The answer to this question is hidden in the CIA’s $ 650 billion annually for NED. With this money, the CIA bought the hypocrites and the perest infidels among the Uighurs and established the World Uighur convention and passed the collar on their necks. In short, the World Uyghur Congress consists of a puppet established by the CIA for American politics. Rabia Kadir explains, ’’ It is impossible for us to take a step without the knowledge of American Intelligence ((See -7).

Rabia Kadir, the President of the World Uyghur Congress, who called the Mujahideen as a terrorist, and Seyit Tümtürk, his deputy, can now change their mouths and throw calls for Jihad. The CIA said yesterday that you will call the Terrorist, and today you will call the Jihad because this change is called. (See -8)

Syria supported the PKK statehood to the correct outgoing America / ypg’n with a threat to Turkey was the contention of Turkey-America. Fearing the unification of the Turkish world, America said, ’Will the Turks unite?

The first aim of the CIA foundation NED is to divide CHINA and Russia, to put it into war, to wear out and to reduce its power, and to prevent America from becoming a superpower. The second objective is to prevent the merger of the Turkish State and the Ottomans would he be reborn to their inexorable rise of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish state also support the other? is to bring enmity between them for fear.

The CIA has to find a state, people, organization and ethnicity that will fight for itself in every region it enters. He now uses American troops only at the command level to implement his plans. He applies these plans with military equipment and money, and if he fails, he will only lose his material. The CIA is now following the war strategy in this direction.

To establish the organizations that will fight for these plans of the CIA, to deceive the people in the command level within these organizations, to make promises and to save your homeland to the persecuted nations like Uighur Turks, we will give you weapons and money, we will help you with your own means.

The aim of the CIA on the Uighur Turks is exactly that. The Uighur Turks were occupied, their women were raped, their families were martyred and their children were imprisoned in camps and prisons. It is a unique opportunity for the CIA, and the Uighur Turks want to fight China, save their homeland, and, moreover, are both Muslims and the Turkish race.

The CIA wants to bring hostility between the Turkish states with this game and wants to break the power of China and realize this plan through the Uighur Turks.

It aims to do this under the leadership of the Uyghur Turks in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is Xinjiang, one side of which is under the occupation of East Turkestan, which is China with the change of the world. Kyrgyzstan also borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It is in the midst of the Turkish states and the CIA wants to bring the Muslims they deceived and deceived like a bomb with a pin.

CIA World Uyghur Congress which gathers Muslims and hypocrites hand with Syria and Turkey to implement these objectives is willing to take to Central Asia. He has been working for this for years. He wants to take false and false promises to each of the Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uighur Mujahideen in Syria and take them to Central Asian Turkic Republics. For this purpose, the CIA came to an end and pulled the pin of the bomb with the 6th Congress of the Uighur Congress.

Rabia Kadir, President of the World Uighur Congress, and Seyit Tümtürk, Vice President Seyit Tümtürk, who strengthened his connection with the Mujahideen in Syria, cut the tie from the World Uyghur Congress.

When the CIA plan is revealed, Rabia Kadir and Seyit Tümtürk have no connection with the World Uyghur General Assembly.

The CIA has been working for years to find the appropriate environment by saying to the congregations in Syria, acak You will not throw at the place we call Horse, you will not throw at the place we call Atma, ’they have been gathering supporters to the CIA and managing the war in Syria to benefit America.

Under the leadership of the CIA, it is known by everyone that the US distributes a salary of $ 150 per person in Syria. With the $ 150 salary that the world bought the perest hypocrites in America, the Syrian war, and for many years has laid its foundations.

CIA, the World Uyghur Congress established the NED foundation over by the East Turkistan Association and funded by the Foundation organizes in Turkey is connected to the World Uyghur Congress. the center of almost all associations and foundations in Turkey has links with the World Uyghur Congress and its partners in America, panels, demonstrations, organizes hiking and organizations. (these formations will also be explained)

Seyit Tümtürk, Vice President of the World Uyghur Congress, took the CIA order to the Mujahideen of Central Asia in Syria through his intermediaries and established ’’ ŞER ALLIANCE ER.

Global jihadists gathered in Syria around the Central Asian Turks are the pioneers of the ‘CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad’ project.

’’ Book-loaded wizards ’’

Sayyed Tümtürk in Turkey, ” East Turkistan Armed Forces’ is a saying we build is working. Each Pharaoh needs wizards to build and maintain his system. Seyit Tümtürk wizards Damolla, Science Ehli, Alim wandering in the middle as he read the book with the magicians selected.

These wizards are: Nizam Damollam, Abdul Kayyum, Küsen Üstaz, Osman Batur, Abdullah Karihacim and the Union of Scholars of East Turkestan.

These wizards of the Pharaoh gave a fatwa to the Uyghur Turks according to American politics for the benefit of World Uyghur Congress and vice president Seyit Tümtürk. Together with themselves, they are dragging the Uighur Turks gathered around the World Uighur Congress with their fatwas into this trap of the CIA in Central Asia. These wizards also have relatives, citizens and friends who gave fatwa to the benefit of China in East Turkestan.

Seyit Tümtürk, Vice President of the World Uyghur Congress, these magicians, who are supported by the words of the CIA, which they inflate with their words, knowingly and willingly help this plan of the CIA. There are wizards who earn money from the World Uyghur Congress and make their living. These magicians give fatwa to attract Uighur Turks to this trap established by CIA for the sake of world interests.

The CIA will carry the Mujahideen from different countries to Kyrgyzstan and some of them to the Chinese border of Afghanistan for the Global Jihad gathered around the Central Asian Mujahideen organized in Syria through Seyit Tümtürk, Vice President of the World Uyghur Congress.

Vice President of the World Uyghur Congress, Sayyed Tümtürk gather together with Turkey in the wizard scholars’ East Turkistan Armed Forces, ” he nomenclature of the Uighur Turks, will deliver the jihadists from Syria in Kyrgyzstan.

Isidor broke and entered Turkey a part of the Uyghur that the ISID, Sayyed Tümtürk so-called ‘East Turkistan armed forces,’ ‘adds the inside işid’li and slowly Central Asian he founded the hands of the mujahideen in Kyrgyzstan led by the World Uyghur Congress Management structure of the structure will leave to ISIL. (See -9)

The CIA, with the leadership of the World Uighur congress he founded, ‘’ the armed forces of East Turkestan ’and the Central Asian Mujahideen from Syria, will thus start the CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Movement.


To create hatred and enmity among the Turks in order to prevent the establishment of the Ottomans any more.

Why Kyrgyzstan? Kyrgyzstan is the border to East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. At the same time, Afghanistan and Pakistan also have that region.

The CIA, the American States of America, will bring this region to each other. These countries will be organized by the CIA bombs and operations will be done personally. The Central Asian states will be hostile to each other and the hatred and enmity between them will be thrown by the CIA under the leadership of the World Uighur Congress in order to prevent Turkish states from coming together again.

CIA and Feton under the leadership of Uighur Turks by this operation 1-Turkey 2-Kyrgyzstan 3-Kazakhstan 4-Uzbekistan 5-Tajikistan 6-East Turkistan 7-China 8-Afghanistan 9-Pakistani 10-Suriye11-global jihad pro-mujahideen will reduce each 12-Isidor .

Finance CIA and Gulf Countries

The CIA aims to make America a Superpower with a small effort by financing this war with the money it receives from Gulf countries.

The reason why Kyrgyzstan was selected in particular is that the Fettullah Armed Terrorist Organization is very strong in this country. Feto established an empire in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is the second stronghold of FETÖ. (See -10)

’İ CIA-FETÖ 2018 Global Jihad Project’ isten It is intended to be played among Turkish states. Members of the World Uyghur Congress Advisory (Aksakallar) Committee were therefore selected from Eastern Turkestan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to participate in DUK meetings.

Seyit Tümtürk and the structures of the World Uighur Congress in the last few months, Turkic, Nationalist Association, foundation and party visits are hidden in this CIA project. It is necessary to use such structures for this game to be played between the Turkish states.

America’s number one enemy of the Turks, America’s number one enemy of America, the hands of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the blood of the United States can not have the purpose of saving East Turkestan. America has never and will never have such a goal. Therefore, in order to implement its own politics, America gathered Uighur Turks around the World Uighur Congress with the NED foundation under the CIA.

Germany’s number one enemy, the number one enemy of Islam, has opened its doors to the PKK and YPG for years. East Turkestan, Islam, Uighur can not have a purpose. It hasn’t happened to this day, and it won’t happen after that. If Germany today allows the Communist PKK YPG and the Uighur Turks to take action on their streets, the Uighur Turks have to ask themselves why. Why is Germany liberating it to the Muslim Uighur Turks and the Communist PKK? Why do the Uighur Turks and the PKK share the same streets?

How is it that in a formal parlor talk that the Republic of Turkey, the PKK Communist and Muslim Uighur Turks in Germany can share the same streets. The reason for this is the CIA project. The CIA wants to divide the Turkish Republics with their hands and make enemies against each other.

The same is true in France, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States and Austria, Belgium and Norway. The PKK and Uighur Turks share the same streets in turn.

The Uighur Congress of the World has been involved in this project of the CIA for more than 10 years. One day in the streets of Germany, America, Switzerland, France, the PKK the next day, Uighur Turks are able to protest under the umbrella of DUK. DUK President Rabia Kadir confessed to the cameras that he did not take a step without American Intelligence. (Available in the video above)

The Uighur Turks have to ask the account of this to the Uighur congress of the CIA, the lowly collaborator of the CIA, and if they really want to save their homeland from the Chinese occupation, they must first get rid of these traitors.

The Uighur Turks must gather in the ranks of the ”Turkestan Islam Party olan, which is in the hands of the Qur’an, who is not afraid of the condemnation of any condemnor, and who is struggling to bring Islamic Islam to Allah alone. and that’s the game of American lackeys in Turkey should become corrupted in this way.

East Turkestan News Agency

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Turkestan Islamic Party; Since the United States and the Government of Exile. He fights against the USA in the way of Allah in Afghanistan and Syria.

Turkistan Islamic Party Media Center interview; ’The Turkestan Islamic Party has been with the US …