Anasayfa / English News / It turned out that the exiles of the Exile Government had defrauded the Uighurs by calling them ISIS, and that the Turkistan Islamic Party had been issued a declaration for those who were expelled.

It turned out that the exiles of the Exile Government had defrauded the Uighurs by calling them ISIS, and that the Turkistan Islamic Party had been issued a declaration for those who were expelled.

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His fake name Abdulwali Baugrahan, another name Osman Turan, was trying to attract the attention of the press and nationalists by marching from Istanbul to Ankara in a hurry to become representative leader in the case of fraud East Turkistan.

Nationalists and idealists from the MHP and the Good Party, the AK Party members accepted this man to his office because they were oppressed by East Turkestan people and took photos. This fraud, which has become too close to leave the MHP headquarters, uses its current name as Abdulwali Bugrahan.

This person, who uses different masks, changes his name and title along with his mask. His journey, which began with the Istanbul-Ankara march as an oppressed under the influence of the Uighur, turned into a nationalist and nationalist with the Good Party.

East Turkistan met with the exiles of the exile government and now he is walking around with the title he wrote on A4 blank paper. This new title was the Prime Minister of the Exile Government of East Turkestan.

Three years ago, Turkistan came to the Mujahideen of the Islamic Party, and if you would excuse me, he said istiy I want to establish the Turkestan Islamic Party Association and could not get permission thanks to the Turkish Media Center.

Taking advantage of the captivity of the Turkish media officer, she tried to establish something like the Turkestan Party, the association, the foundation and the social media page, and she did not succeed.

When the Uighurs defrauded, he demanded his money by throwing ISIS slander.

He went to Adana and sold the houses that were granted grants to Uighur Turks in exchange for money. A lot of Uighurs sold the imagination saying that I would do the job and defrauded the Uyghurs. Give our money defrauded when the Uyghur Turks in Turkey by going to the States and said these people are innocent, sinless Daesan di Uighurs arrested them slander brought to Turkey.

The state made negotiations with Bahceli and Meral Aksener and sold the aid he collected to the Uighur Turks by saying he would build a neighborhood. He was tried pending trial.

He collected money from the Uyghur Turks, saying that they would save you from prison. He threatened to come to their homes with the men he took with the Uyghur Turks who told him about his own filth, and this situation was registered with the Police and Cameras, the threat case continues.

His scam went as far as making his own false obituary.

He was calling Osman Turan from his fake Social Media accounts at that time, saying ’Osman Turan is dead …

Anwar Yusuf Turani, who was recently expelled from East Turkestan Exile Government for his connection with China, reappeared with the title he wrote on the A4 paper.


This time his project was the Empty-Minister of the Exile Government of East Turkestan. His plans grew a little bigger. A lot of crooks have come out for years. The Uighur Mujahideen tried to gain interest for themselves by using the name of Turkestan Islamic Party and tried to make profanity through Uighur Mujahideen through secret intelligence and CIA connections.

Sent by the American CIA Anwar Yusuf Turani came to Turkey and had a meeting with the heart of Ankara in Mehter anthem and dirty face of Muhammad Nurullah Cetin, Abdulwal the Bugrahan name of the former Osman Turan, this time a dark face behind Joseph Axeman and his team He had. And with this dark face, the ’Turkestan Islamic Party’ began to say that the Mujahideen are in our hands that we control them and we have been together for years.

’Türkistan İslam Partisi bizimle beraber’’ Bunu söylemeleri özellikle de Ankara’da söylemeleri çok önemliydi bu şekilde CIA ve diğer istihbaratlara bu güç bizim kontrolümüzde Dolarları getirin sizin için elimizden geleni yaparız demek istiyorlardı. Israrla da Suriye’de ki Türkistan İslam Partisi komutanları ile görüşüyoruz elimizde ses kayıtları var diyorlardı.

This dark and evil alliance game was broken with an interview and news. After the interview, something very interesting happened. The former Mujahideen of the current Exile Government, the so-called Syrian Commander of Ibrahim Mansur, who had moved away from the Syrian branch of the Turkestan Islamic Party, which had a secret connection, had a ’TYPE Declaration’ that only one person knew about.

Whereas the Mujahideen should consider the glory of the Mujahideen, the Exile Government considered the separatists’ oppression of Abdulwali Bugrahan and confessed his guilt. ’’ They have made a plan, and Allah has made a plan. ’Allah Allah, who is superior to His plans, is Azze and Celle.

None of the commanders of the Turkestan Islamic Party in Syria was aware of this statement and when this statement was investigated, it was understood that the instruction of Abraham was taken away from Syria and that the statement was issued for publication.

He is now in connection with China from the Exile Government for anwar Yusuf Turani thrown in and the words of the Prime Minister Abdulwali Bugrahan rushed on, ” We have met with the military commanders in Syria, no problem between us, ” he was engraved in our brains as military commander. gave himself away with…

We say to them again ‘Askeri The military commander in Syria is Abu Omar Turkistani and Abu Muhammad Turkistani who holds the military power. There is no military power, force and command authority of the former persons who have been removed from Syria. The loyalty that these people have gathered around consists of 50 people who serve only to Abraham, showing their loyalty to the exiled government and the US, even though they did not know it by leaving the community.

On this occasion, we appeal to those who gather around; The Exile Government Separatists, the United States, the CIA, and their entourage take you to Hell alone. We didn’t hear it, we didn’t know it wouldn’t save you. By sincerely repenting and confessing to refuge with Muslims, I hope your sins will be forgiven by Allah, and then we pray for your forgiveness. Repent and leave with Abraham, who officially confesses his allegiance to the separatists of the Government of Exile and the Declaration.

A request has been made to the Sharia Court for these persons…

East Turkistan Exile Government Discarded Current Team; President Anwar Yusuf Turani, Deputy President Yusuf Baltacı, Prime Minister Abdulwali Bugrahan, National Defense Minister Muhammet Nurullah Çetin, TİPBeyanat Publications Ibrahim Mansur. (Written with adjectives with no validity)

We talked with the Syrian commanders of the Turkestan Islamic Party and said that we have voice recordings.
Expulsions of Exile Government; The people of East Turkestan in Idleb have always been my soldiers.

Interview: Ferganali YAKUP (Conducted with the Responsibilities of Islam Awazi Turkish Media Center)

East Turkestan Bulletin / NEWS AGENCY

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Turkestan Islamic Party; Since the United States and the Government of Exile. He fights against the USA in the way of Allah in Afghanistan and Syria.

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