Russia; US attacked him

Russia was accused of attacking the United States. In a statement from the Kremlin, the United States carried out an armed unmanned aircraft attack on the Russian Hymeymin Airbase in Syria.

The Kremlin accused the United States of attacking Khimeymin, Russia’s air base in Syria.

The Kremlin announced last January that a US spy aircraft was alarmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense report, which showed that Russia was coordinating a drone attack on the Syrian airbase Khimeymim. In a statement made by the Kremlin, Putin will talk to Trump on this issue, he said.

Speaking at a conference in Beijing, China, Deputy Defense Minister Aleksander Formin also blamed the United States for an attack on Russia’s Syrian base in Syria.

Stating that Hımeymim was attacked simultaneously with 13 SİHA, Fomin said, “You need modern equipment to control SİHAs. During this attack, US reconnaissance aircraft Poseidon-8 coordinated the attack by flying over the Mediterranean Sea for about 8 hours. ”

Stating that the SİHAs were stopped by Russian electronic warfare systems, Fomin said, “After the SİHAs were stopped, they moved to a safe distance and tried to find gaps in the system with the signals they received from space level. Then all the SİHAs were destroyed by the Russian air defense system..

Fomin did not explain the date of the attacks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said a while ago that 47 SİHAs, which attacked Hümeymim in August alone, were claimed to be neutralized.

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