US brings Syriacs in Syria and Iraq to fight Taliban and China on China-Afghanistan border

The news is as follows: US, Syria and Iraq, DAESH people close to the border with China, Turkestan begins to settle in the eastern regions. China is also building a military base on the territory of Tajikistan. We hear the footsteps of a tremendous reckoning between the US and China that will affect East Turkestan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and the east of Turkestan in general.

This could be ordinary news. There may be news that will only attract the attention of those interested in security-related issues. Could be US propaganda. It could be Chinese propaganda. There can be accounts of creating unrest in the region through DAESH. Many things can happen… But this news is definitely not that much. We must open our minds, our eyes, and anticipate where this seemingly small development will extend.

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Turkestan Islamic Party; Since the United States and the Government of Exile. He fights against the USA in the way of Allah in Afghanistan and Syria.

Turkistan Islamic Party Media Center interview; ’The Turkestan Islamic Party has been with the US …