Anwar Yusuf Turani

Turkestan Islamic Party; Since the United States and the Government of Exile. Fights against Allah in Afghanistan and Syria

Turkistan Islamic Party Media Center interview; ’’ The Turkestan Islamic Party has been with the US and the Government of Exile, Enver Yusuf Turani. Turkestan Islamic Party Muhammed Nurullah Çetin and his followers’ perverse beliefs. The Islamic Party of Turkey is fighting against the United States on the path of Allah in Afghanistan and Syria.

Anwar Yusuf Turani, who was founded by the CIA in the White House of America with 10 people and appointed by the CIA as the so-called founding Prime Minister and the false sahte East Turkestan Exile Government lem held a meeting in Ankara on Friday and made the Turkistan Islamic Party look like its armed wing. made statements

The Turkestan Islamic Party fights against the United States on the path of Allah. It fights against US troops in Afghanistan and the PKK / YPG armed by the US in Syria. He devotes his blood to Allah and His Messenger in order to avenge the Muslims of America. I hope God gives thousands of martyrs in order to make the Sharia of Azze and Celle dominate the world.

The Turkestan Islamic Party has been fighting in Syria since 2011. He has come to these days with many experiences. The Turkestan Islamic Party has witnessed many fraudsters using its name. Congregation excluded and discarded, the congregation rather than obey icazetsiz form of jihad, leaving individuals and commanders, and the congregation never be that people in Turkey and in many countries using the Turkistan Islamic Party name East Turkistan to the detriment of Muslim US disposal operation has been witnessed that execution .

The United States was sold to divide the Uighur Mujahideen in Syria and the failure of the Turkestan Islamic Party to build supporters for its supporters and divided the Uighur Turks into ‘small communities’ and different names. Do they expect the US to bring freedom to Iraq and Afghanistan to East Turkestan?

If the US is digging out from under the bottom of which the East Turkistan Association and Foundation in Turkey. These foundations and communities are publicly open. Lardır san We will walk together against China, no matter what belief you may have, no matter what belief you are against China ’’. They have put forth their prey. They do not conceal their relationship with the United States. Their credentials are the United States, their origins are the CIA, their paths and lines are American, and they feed their bellies from these lines. This army to be gathered is the army of Tagut.

The United States and the CIA ask Uighur Turks for unquestioned servants. He wants to attach the collar he attaches to the PKK / YPG to the Uighur Turks. The horse is looking for soldiers to believe in the United States.

There is no one in the Fake Jihad Assemblies established by Turkistan Islamic Party.

Turkey and the CIA has set up bogus jihad councils and other countries in the world had been abandoned Jihad Uighur Turks and other nationalities were sat on the table. Those who claim to sit at these tables on behalf of the Turkestan Islamic Party are fraudsters.

In March 2018, the Turkestan Islamic Party announced the change of duty, and said that Abu Omar Turkistani was appointed as the general emirate of Syria, and that Abu Muhammad Turkistani was appointed as the Syrian military commander of the community.

The Turkestan Islamic party would like to remind once again; These two commanders command the military power of the Turkestan Islamic Party in Syria and the surrounding countries. These commanders have all the authority and power to control the Mujahideen in all agreements.

The United States wants to use the Uighur Turks against Chinese American hatred. The US wants to take the Uighur Turks together with ISIS to the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan, China.

US and Turkistan Islamic Party are fighting in Afghanistan

The US is fighting against the Turkestan Islamic Party in Afghanistan. Last year, the Armed Unmanned Air Planes (SİHA) shot down the type of Mujahideen and killed more than 25 brothers and sisters at one time. In the last month, the United States has killed 10 TYPE Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Turkestan Jihad will be postponed for 100 years

The US threatens China through the Uighurs. China and the United States are in negotiations. Upon agreement, it will destroy the Uighur Turks in the 15 km Wakhan Corridor. Turkestan Jihad will be postponed for another 100 years. This 15 km corridor is the corridor of death, and the US and its armies of Taghut will destroy the so-called global jihad mujahedin under the name of jihad in the light of the CIA.

The US will have Uighur Turks fight against the Turkestan Islamic Party in Afghanistan

The US army, which will go to the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan, will fight under the command of ISIS, as well as the Mujahideen of the Taliban and the Turkestan Islamic Party. Some of ISIS have been brought to this region by the USA and they are fighting against the Taliban and the Turkestan Islamic Party.

The Turkish and Muslim enemies of the US want to get rid of China and the Mujahideen. In 2018, we unleashed the trap of the United States with the Global Jihad game and the US had to postpone these dreams.

US Uighur soldiers who will go to the Wakhan Corridor are the soldiers of Tagut. Allah tells us clearly in the Qur’an; Believers fight in the way of Allah. Those who deny fight in the way of Tagut. Then fight against the devil’s friends. Of course, the devil’s trick is weak. (Nisa 76)

On this occasion, we advise our Muslim Uyghur brothers from East Turkestan to stay away from the ranks of Taguts who have believed in the religion of democracy and the US, which have been out of the way of Allah and His Messenger. They speak openly, and they have put forth their blasphemy by expressing clearly that they will depart together from whatever religion and congregation. This army to be gathered is the army of Tagut.

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Anwar Yusuf Turani
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